T Style Sunburst Electric

Used the guitar out this weekend on one of our first gigs since stuff opened back up. Got tons of compliments on how nice the guitar looks and especially on its tone. All because of you. I can’t say thanks enough times.

S Style Pickup Set w/Wiring Harness

I am LOVING these pups man, Dave at Maple Street tweaked everything including setting the pickup height, I could have never imagined that this road kill Strat I rescued could ever get to this level, any pro player would be delighted with this baby, you are the man Rob!

Sahara & Lil Chicago

Sandy and Brownie though – they are in a different league of their own! I’ve had new guitars before and never noticed the change in sound like I have with Brownie. It is amazing! That table must have had lots of good vibes in it! Rock on!

Lake Placid BluesCaster

That thing is playing great and really sounds awesome. The S/H configuration adds a lot of tonal variety, and I particularly dig how full the humbucker sounds… tons of sustain and bottom end. I can get some awesome jazz tones out of it, and with an overdrive it really growls. And I get A LOT …